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William Litten Fiddle Tunes (Overseas) - Music

William Litten Fiddle Tunes (Overseas)

William Litten was a ship's fiddler in Royal Navy in the first years of the nineteenth century. During a voyage he wrote down much of his repertoire, thus giving us a unique snapshot of the musical and, in particular, the fiddle repertoire of his time. The original and now unprocurable book was assembled and published in 1977. Extensive searches failed to find the publishers. The book was reproduced for the purposes of study at a workshop at the National Folk Festival in Canberra in 2006. A few copies remain and are offered here.

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William Litten Selection (Overseas) - Music

William Litten Selection (Overseas)

A selection of tunes from the William Litten Collection arranged in sets by David Johnson with chord arrangements by James Johnson. The booklet contains 40 tunes organised in page layouts that make tunes easy to follow using the tried and trusty 4 or 8 bars to the line which makes the reading easier for common or garden variety folk musicians. A number of the tunes such as the Caledonian Laddie make really nice airs when played at a slower tempo.

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Concertina Favourites (Overseas) - Music

Concertina Favourites (Overseas)

An assortment of collected Australian tunes arranged for the Anglo concertina by David Johnson. It was originally prepared for the Bush Traditions Gathering at Goulburn in October 2009 where record numbers of concertinas assembled for sessions and workshops. Includes jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes and more. Though the tunes were not intended as sets some pages work quite well played in sequence. Easy to read 4 or 8 bars of music to the line. Tunes are in the keys of C and G.

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And When They Dance - Music

And When They Dance

A compilation of Australian Dance Tunes arranged in sets for a variety of Bush Dances. Jigs, reels, polkas, schottisches and waltzes and set dances all presented in clear format with 4 or 8 bars to the line to make it convenient to read.

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Dance Tunes from South Eastern NSW - Music

Dance Tunes from South Eastern NSW

A folio of music from South Eastern New South Wales particularly centred on the Goulburn region. It includes transcriptions of the playing of Frank Collins, Stan Treacy, Pearly Watling, Harry Cotter and others. The music is arranged in sets that can easily be used for bush dances.

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Found 11 items, showing 7 to 11.    Previous 6 Matches  

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